A Sad Relationship Joke

A Sad Relationship Joke - Daphna Levy - Life Coaching Masters
I found this on Social Media:

“And the princess lived happily ever after
in her OWN big castle
with all of her OWN money
and she took care of HERSELF.
The end.”

This is cute and clever. At a first glance it may even put a smile on your face. But if you think it over, this is a sad sign of the times.

Many women today are as successful, affluent and influential as men. This is a wonderful thing. It is freedom that women a hundred years ago couldn’t dream of.

What isn’t so wonderful is the fact that some successful women, particularly those who have suffered relationship failures, eventually reach the conclusion, “I don’t need a man!?” It’s a current trend and a sad one at that.

True, such women don’t need a man–not for material reasons. They could have their own “castles” and money and take care of themselves without any help. But their lives would be void of love.

Why not have it all–success, power and a loving mate? Dynamic women deserve that!

My relationship coaching experience has shown me time and time again that the reason individuals (both men and women) fail to have successful relationships, is mostly Picking Wrong. They pick partners who are dishonest or immoral, lazy or needy. And so the relationship ends in failure, sometimes tragically.

The answer is to know how to Pick Right. By Picking Right, you can have it all: the castle, the money, and someone who adores you. Now, that’s true happiness!