Abi Lusey

Client Services

Born in Washington DC, Abi spent her early years in Costa Rica, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines before returning to the United States for her last year of high school. 

Abi appreciates her time with different cultures and credits her multicultural background for helping her understand people and their varied points of view. 

Abi’s career has been in education and in the nonprofit sector. When her boys were young, she ran a nursery school in California and later on, a small country school in New Hampshire. She taught Spanish and English as a second language as well as middle and high school.

Later in life Abi worked with an international non-profit organization that ran social betterment activities in the fields of education, drug prevention and rehabilitation as well as set-a-good-example campaigns.

Abi’s caring personality and extensive experience in helping people of all cultures make her the perfect person to be in charge of our Client Services. We feel fortunate to have her as part of our team.