Angela McCullough - Senior Coach - MarriageAide

Angela ("Angie") McCullough

Senior Coach

Angela (“Angie” to us), joined us in 2019. But that’s not when her coaching career began.

Helping people has always been her passion. She wanted to be a nurse, but as the oldest of seven children she had to put her family’s best interests first.

For many years prior to joining us, Angie was in the business of helping, coaching and consulting, including a seven-year career―both in the U.S. and abroad―with a charitable organization.

Some of her more dramatic work took place in women’s prisons in her native country of Honduras, where she delivered workshops to inmates. That, Angie recalls, was both heart wrenching and fulfilling. Imagine teaching morals to convicts and having them transform before your very eyes!

Over the years, Angie has done extensive work in personal and relationship coaching as well as grief counseling―helping people leave their painful past behind without the help of drugs or medication. She works with individuals, couples and entire families and her clients love her.

Angie is the Senior Coach at our Pasadena Office and coaches in both English and Spanish. She also delivers virtual coaching to our out-of-state and overseas clients.  

Angie was married to her late husband for over forty years and enjoys close relationships with her two children and several grandchildren.

Angie with one of her happy couples.