Angie & Andres


Relationship Coaching

“Daphna saw in us goodness that we were not seeing in each other anymore.”

Daphna helped our relationship so much. When we first started, I was full of anger and pain and resentment towards my boyfriend. I knew that I wanted to be with him and I wanted to move on from the issues we had in the past, but I didn’t know how.

Daphna taught us how to better communicate. She taught us how to get along. Soon my boyfriend was able to react and express himself in a way that allowed me to let go of a lot of the anger I had. She showed us simple techniques to use at home which also helped with our children.

I am so happy we decided to seek help and so happy to find Daphna. She saw in me and my boyfriend goodness that we were not seeing in each other anymore. Thank you.

— Angie

I never thought that Daphna would be able to help me understand my significant other. I never knew how being able to get help would improve my relationship.

She guided me and my beautiful soon-to-be wife to understand one another and work as one. The tools needed to achieve this were handed to us and she guided us to better ourselves and our relationship.

Simple everyday life can sometimes cause bumps in the road, but by utilizing communication skills that we were taught, we were able to overcome the daily life struggles. My whole understanding of family has become so clear and so important in my life. I can honestly say she has made me see things more clearly. Daphna has made me appreciate my lady even more and respect myself as a man. Thank you so much for all you have done for us.

— Andres