C & Bryan

Couples Coaching

“Daphna Gave Us The Tools We Needed to Work on our Problems as a Couple and as Individuals.”

When I first started here I knew Daphna would be able to help us. She has this understanding personality that made me feel comfortable. I was able to tell her about the terrible thing I did to my boyfriend without feeling judged.

My boyfriend was a little in denial that this was going to work but within less than a month, he started to feel hope again. Daphna made us both see that we both had a lot to work on. She gave us the tools we needed to work on our problems as a couple and as individuals. My boyfriend and I are in a much better place now thanks to Daphna.

— C

Coming into life coaching with my girlfriend of six years, I was pretty unsure about how everything was gonna work out. I felt unsure about the coaching after what had happened in my relationship.

Feeling as if there was nothing to do for my relationship to help salvage what I had left, coaching helped me analyze things about my relationship that let me see why it was failing and how to better improve it. Just showing me how to get past issues through daily tools was a huge doubt I had, but committing to the end I now realize there’s a lot more hope than I imagined.

— Bryan