Clint & Sin-Halina

Relationship Coaching

“Our communication is the best that it has ever been & we are happier than ever before.”

We came to Daphna because I had cheated on my girlfriend. I loved her, but still cheated and was doing my own thing. Daphna helped me to realize that my life choices have consequences. I almost lost the woman I love so I could have satisfaction elsewhere. Daphna helped us to see where we both went wrong in our dealings with each other. Daphna gave us the tools to come up with a game plan for life; a life together that we can have.

We are now happier than ever before. We plan on moving in together as well. Our communication is at the best that it has ever been and continues to grow. We wake up happy and go to sleep happy next to each other, and it is wonderful.

I appreciate everything Daphna has done for us in our relationship. She really turned our relationship around. Without Daphna, I am 100% certain that our relationship would have failed.

Daphna is a great coach and her stories help bring the advice that she gives into light and makes the advice relatable. It felt easy to open up to her and she didn’t push anything. Overall a great experience and advice I would take to the rest of my life.

— Clint

In all aspects of life, whether it be cooking, finances, child rearing—most people can benefit from some coaching and advice. In regards to one of the most important parts of your life, LOVE, why not seek the same?

With this in mind, Daphna was certainly a great discovery. Initially, my partner and I were searching for a psychotherapist. After our initial consultation with Daphna, we knew that relationship coaching, rather than therapy, would be the way to go. Daphna has offered us straight and practical advice on how to work through our disputes, to gain clarity and to plan for a life in the future. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to improve not only their relationship, but fundamentally themselves.

— Sin-Halina