Cruz & Gloria

Marriage Counseling

“With communication & tools provided, we were able to overcome our issues and save our marriage!”

So much thanks and appreciation to Daphna for all her time and hard work not just with our relationship, but with the many others she has helped over the years.

The coaching we received was a big blessing, the tools we were given to work on the relationship were simple, but without Daphna’s guidance it would not have been the positive outcome that it was. It takes a lot of effort—as a relationship does.

But that energy and effort for each other is totally worth it. It’s important to tend the love garden. Communication is the foundation. An alternative to the end, is a beautiful new beginning.


I am very thankful for the tools that were provided to us to keep our marriage going. I came in with doubt thinking it was a waste of time as my husband would not change. I was proved wrong! I was able to see I was not the only one hurting. With communication and tools provided by Daphna, we were able to overcome our issues & save our marriage. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m thankful my husband reached out when he did. We have committed to continuing our communication with each other & striving for our relationship/marriage to continue on the right path.

Thank you, Daphna for being encouraging & providing us the tools we needed to save our marriage. Thank you for listening & providing a better understanding about life & how to deal with certain situations using the tools provided. I’m looking forward to my “Happily Ever After” with my husband. Thank you!