Daphna Levy


Daphna has been helping people as a professional for over thirty years.

She has seen and heard just about everything and has helped people from all walks of life overcome a wide range of challenges.

Daphna and her team have one objective in mind: to assist their clients in saving or repairing their relationships, achieving their goals and building happy, fulfilling lives.

Daphna's Story

I did not know that the path of my life would lead me to become a relationship coach and author. Born in Israel, I was raised by a single mother in a humble home, yet surrounded by a warm and loving extended family. Warmth has nothing to do with money, that’s for sure!

The first war in my life broke when I was just a year old, and others followed. I still remember the incredible tension that came with threats of bombing, news of casualties and the next impending war. Perhaps it was those experiences that made me ponder the meaning of life at an early age and fuelled my interest in classics such as War and Peace, Gone with the Wind, Atlas Shrugged and others when I was just ten years old.

Enriched by literary influences and life experience, I became increasingly interested in helping people transform their lives. I was only fourteen when I first volunteered to tutor two orphaned sisters raised by their widowed mother in underprivileged circumstances and did so for the next four years when mandatory military service took me elsewhere.

With my mother in Tel-Aviv
In kindergarten with Ronnie the teacher. She must have been special, I still remember her name!

I entered the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) at the height of the Yom Kippur War. What I remember most from boot camp–more than the early, cold winter mornings, the eighty-girl barrack we inhabited, the military discipline, training and target shooting–is a very personal experience I will never forget.

While the war raged, the boot camp girls spent long days packaging food for soldiers on the frontline. To help boost morale, we were asked to enclose notes for the soldiers. I wrote five notes.

Throughout boot camp, I was deeply disturbed, as my boyfriend was in combat and had not been heard from in weeks. When he finally returned from battle, I discovered that one of my five notes had reached him! What are the odds?!

Following boot camp, I volunteered to the IDF Teachers’ Corps. I spent my two-years service in the town of Sderot, where I tutored new immigrants on behalf of the IDF, thus helping them integrate into the culture. My commander hadn’t told me that my duties would entitle a lot more than tutoring! Despite being eighteen, I became my students’ confidant and inspiration. I knew everything about their spouses, children and family affairs; what troubled them and what brought them joy.

Sometimes I’d show up to teach just to find that they had no plans for study. Instead, they had cooked for me and sought relief by sharing their latest woes. I loved my students, and they fueled my passion for making a difference in people’s lives.

Mom instilled volunteerism in me. Here, on a community project, circa 1964

Receiving my sergeant stripes

My life experience had produced in me an irresistible urge to travel the world and find out more about people of all cultures and walks of life. So as a young IDF veteran, I rented a small room in the heart of Tel-Aviv and worked two jobs to save up for my travels. It was leaving home at a young age to meet challenges and fend for myself that built in me the confidence to backpack across Europe on my own for the following seven months, starting in Athens, Greece and ending in the United Kingdom.

I was greatly enriched by my travels: from cozy Greek islands to grand churches in Italy; the beauty of Paris, Austrian villages, an Amsterdam canal where I lived in a boat house, hikes to abandoned churches and deserted villages; Switzerland, where I saw snow for the first time, and on and on. But most of all, I was touched by the people.

 There was a love story too… During my travels, I met someone. We fell in love and got married. Our marriage started filled with hope. We were a loving couple that friends looked to as a model. But one evening four years later, without forewarning, my husband announced that he had fallen in love with someone else. Shocked and heartbroken, I didn’t believe I would ever recover.
It is through adversity that one discovers one’s true strength. I overcame and moved on. Driven by the urge to make a difference, I started helping others to make the right relationship choices, build and preserve their love. That was the start of my career as a Relationship Coach. 

In 1986, having traveled the world, lived and studied on three continents, I made California my home and established my coaching practice, which remains my focus and passion to this day. I also married my native-Los Angeleno husband and best friend, Robert, with whom I have enjoyed a strong and loving marriage.

During my long career, I have helped thousands of people through one-on-one coaching, seminars, workshops and live radio. I salvaged marriages and helped individuals rebuild their lives despite heavy losses they had never hoped to overcome. I love my clients, and there is nothing I’d rather do than help them transform, enhance and elevate their lives!
With my husband, Robert.

Robert and I on our 29th wedding anniversary, December 2015

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“My experience with Daphna was life changing. Daphna is a professional, but also a kind spirit who will do whatever it takes to understand your situation.”

– Emilia

“Thanks to Daphna and her tools, we have managed to break the barriers that were splitting us and for that I am forever grateful.”

– Cristina