Life Coaching

“My experience with Daphna was life changing.”

My experience with Daphna was life changing. Going in, I was beyond skeptical and afraid she would not be able to relate or understand me.

Daphna is a professional, but also a kind spirit who will do whatever it takes to understand your situation. She came multiple times with research she did on her own time to help me in my relationship and in my career goals.

My relationship was beyond bumpy, and we could barely argue without it turning into a screaming fest. Daphna helped us to work on communicating and pointed out what was wrong or right. She tells you the truth. Now, we work together better than ever, and looking for a home to move in together.

She also helped my career goals and gave me homework to do every week. It consisted of narrowing down my goals and pinpointing where I was messing up or succeeding well in. Her tips and tricks are still very useful today.

She became not only my life coach, but an incredible friend available to me whenever I need her. She makes herself available to call/text when needed which is very helpful when situations come up that I am unsure how to handle.

Daphna will go above and beyond to help improve your situation. She will walk you towards success, towards love, and towards happiness.

I am so grateful to have found her. She is the perfect fit for all.

— Emilia