Jen & Mike

Marriage Counseling

“We have grown so much closer including understanding, respecting and communicating with each other.”

We came in to see Daphna not knowing if our relationship was going to last. It was either this or split.

Every week Daphna gave me hope. The tools she gave us worked. You just have to use them.

Now don’t get me wrong. Through all this, we had a hard time. But Daphna walked us through it and never took sides. She always listened and then would tell us what we needed to do to prevent the same things happening again.

Not only did she help us with our relationship, she helped us with how to parent together.

Honestly, if we hadn’t come here and seen Daphna, our relationship would have been over. So thank you, Daphna.

— Jen

I was very skeptical about letting a counselor or life coach help with my relationship and family.

However, after attending Daphna’s coaching program, our family has seen tremendous results.

We now have grown so much closer with each other including understanding each other, respecting each other, and communicating with each other.

I feel like my family is complete! Thanks Daphna.

— Mike