Josh & Luz

Marriage Counseling

“After a few sessions…we started falling in love again.”

Coming to see Daphna was, in my opinion, the best thing my wife and I could have done to save our marriage. I didn’t think our marriage was going to be able to work or be how it used to be when we had first gotten married. I’m thankful and really glad we were able to work everything out.

The tools that were provided to us really helped our marriage become stronger. We are now happier and hold a stronger bond compared to our first visit. Three months later, we are still here, married, happier than ever.

Thanks Daphna. Without you, this would not have been possible.


My husband and I came to Daphna falling apart and fallen out of love. I felt hopeless and very insecure. I felt like my husband had no chance of ever changing. I felt it was impossible. Our relationship was over and done!

I had anger problems as well and held so much resentment against him. So I decided to seek help. That’s when I looked into Life Coaching.

Coming and talking to Daphna helped me understand how important communication is. I learned to stop and listen. After a few sessions I saw improvement with me and my husband and we started falling in love again. It was hard for me to believe. I’ve had to stop and think “Is this really my husband?” We communicated better than ever and enjoyed each other’s company. I felt very happy. My mood instantly changed.

I want to thank Daphna for helping my marriage and saving my family. She made the impossible possible.