Maria & Jose


Marriage Counseling

“We’re a happy couple now, and that helps my whole family!”

Daphna has helped me improve my relationship with my husband a lot! She helped me understand his point of view and that we are not going to agree on everything all the time, but that we can come to an agreement in other ways. She helped me understand that he loves me with all his heart and that we have to be able to show that to each other.

Having more communication was one of the best advice she could give me, because now we talk more and, if we disagree, we let each other know.

Daphna helped me understand other factors such as not to get mad when you are having a “baby moment” (being cranky like a baby who is hungry or tired).

After four sessions my husband is able to understand me and I’m able to understand him. (After two sessions we got married.) We are a happy couple now, and that helps my whole family a lot!

— Maria

I used to have a hard time with my girlfriend Maria and, even though we loved each other, we needed someone to help us with our differences. We found Daphna and she is a great person and a great Life Coach.

We are now happily married and I think it was a big blessing for us to meet Daphna and get her to help us as a Couples’ Coach.

I really enjoy being happy with my wife and it’s all thanks to the help we got from Daphna.

I highly recommend anyone that has or had a hard time to come to her and get some marriage coaching so you too can enjoy being happy and being a better person inside and out and being happy.

— Jose