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Get the Tools You Need to Save Your Relationship

How to Find Help

Looking for help can be challenging and confusing. The options are many, but you need to find the kind of help that will work for you.

Some couples choose marriage counseling or couple therapySome seek faith-based counseling through their church. Some attend couple retreats. Others seek individual therapy.

But many prefer Marriage or Couple Coaching. Why?

Coaching focuses on giving you the TOOLS you need to make your relationship work.

It is practical. It is direct and to the point. And it is tailored to your specific needs.

No two couples are the same. Every relationship is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses. 

That’s why our Coaching Programs are customized to each couple’s needs, challenges, personalities and goals.

Marriage Counseling

Our Process

We start with a Free Phone Consultation. If it sounds like we may be able to help you, you are offered an in-person Introductory Consultation for a nominal fee. 

At the consultation, if you like us and if we feel that we could help you, you enroll in coaching and your consultation fee is applied to your package. 

We always start with a package of sessions, as few as four. During your sessions, you may bring up any issues you’ve been unable to resolve on your own. Your coach will mediate and help you reach a resolution.

You’ll also be given the tools you need to improve your communication and become able to solve your issues in the future, without outside help

We believe in Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Our goal is to “teach you how to fish” making you independent of us and able to thrive on your own.

Once you have the tools to handle any conflict or disagreement without outside help, and you feel that your relationship is rekindled, you may graduate. (The couples on our Testimonials Page are some of our graduates.) 

You may return at any future time for a “tuneup” or “refresher” should new challenges come up that you need help with. Life, after all, is an ever-changing affair: another baby, kids getting older, extended family needs help, and on and on. We are here for you.

Marriage Coach vs. Marriage Counselor or Couple Therapist

Your Marriage or Couple Coach is more like a personal trainer who trains, guides and prepares you for a competition, challenge or championship. 

In Marriage Coaching, the challenges stem from life and the championship is in restoring your happiness as a couple and keeping your family happily together.

While marriage counseling and couple therapy stress childhood trauma and mental health, Marriage and Couple Coaching focus on the TOOLS and SKILLS you need to fix and maintain your relationship. 

Coaching may include one-on-one sessions with each of you. The goal is to  help you individually while bringing you closer together and helping you find your happiness as a couple

Marriage Counseling