Olivia & Luis

Marriage Counseling

“I’m happier now in my marriage than ever!”

Daphna and Angie came to us in our moment of most need. Our marriage was almost at its breaking point and they gave us support and reassurance when we needed it most.

Their marriage coaching and helpful techniques of approaching our marriage and communication gave us great tools that we could easily apply on a daily basis. We signed up for four sessions but after only two sessions, we could feel that we were on the path to healing.

I’m happier now in my marriage than ever! Thank you, Daphna and Angie

— Olivia

For me, it was a good experience because I was in a dark past. Coming here I came to the light.

I feel content because I didn’t understand what was going on with us until I came here. It improved everything.

I feel happier and more open. Now I can appreciate what I didn’t understand, especially with my wife.

Now I feel very happy with her and our children.

Thank you!

— Luis