Putting Past Relationships Behind You & Finding The Right Match

Putting Past Relationships Behind You & Finding The Right Match - Daphna Levy - Life Coaching Masters

I received this from one of my readers, describing how he’d used PICKING RIGHT – The Single’s Guide to Finding the Right Match, to find his match, at last!

I did the exercises in your book – each one in sequence. At the end I had ended all attention on past relationships. That was amazing! I didn’t even know that I had much attention at all there. Well, thank you for that.

About a week later I had the feeling that I was now in a position to start a new relationship. About two days after that I met her. I grabbed your book and went through all the questions you listed and asked them of her. Then I tailored it and asked more questions. This wonderful and very bright lady said that the questions were wonderfully challenging and loved answering them. Then she turned it around and said, ‘Now you answer the same questions for me.’ You have to admire someone who would do that! Then she tailored some more for me to answer. We were really complete with it. Asking and answering those questions really made our connection blossom! We are now engaged…” – R.B.

This Couple Is Now Married!