Our Rates

How Much Does It Cost?

Your first step is a Free Phone Consultation where you’ll get your initial questions answered, and where a Coach will determine whether or not we could possibly help you. 

If so, you’ll be scheduled for an In-Person Consultation in one of our offices (or by video call, if you are out of state, overseas or at a remote location). The fee for the In-Person Consultation is $50.

The purpose of the consultation is:
(a) to get acquainted,
(b) to ensure that you feel comfortable with us, and  
(c) to ensure that we feel we can help you

If for some reason we believe that we cannot help, we will not accept you as a client(s), as that would be a waste of time and money. 

However, if we all agree that we are a good fit, and once the Coach has a deeper understanding of your issues, you’ll receive a recommendation as to the number of sessions required

You may start with a small package and get another one later, if need be; or you may opt for a bigger package right there and then and save a little money. The choice is yours.

Our Rates

In-Office Consultation $50

(May be done by video call, if remote.) 


Coaching Packages:

4 Sessions       $650

6 Sessions       $975

8 Sessions     $1200

12 Sessions   $1800

Sessions are typically done once a week.