Samantha & Nico

Marriage Counseling

“I feel the love that I first felt when I met my wife.”

Being able to see Daphna once a week with my husband has made a big different in our relationship.

Before starting these sessions, we would not seem to understand one another. We didn’t communicate at all, and we had separate, different goals.

We had never thought we would ever see a “life coach,” but it has been such a great experience.

We have only seen her for four marriage counseling sessions, but that is all it took to help me and my spouse communicate a lot more. Now we are continuing with our goals, and the amount of tension has decreased since the beginning. Not only has it made an impact on our relationship but also in our relationship and time with our children.

— Samantha

The first week after meeting with Daphna there was a significant change in our relationship. My wife was happier, told me she loves me about 10X more than typical, kissed me, and hugged me so much more. I was able to express more love for her and to use reciprocity with love. The week was full of love and more happiness. I feel the love that I first felt when I met my wife.

Now, to end coaching with Daphna is sad. However, she has done great!

I understood our relationship flaws, and now I see how I can help my wife. I feel happy, more than satisfied, and more in-love.

When I first thought about relationship coaching I questioned it. After my fear settled and I got over the “what if,” and the “I/we are tired,” I have no doubt that I am receiving 100X my investment.

Thank you, Daphna!

— Nico