Javier & Summer

Marriage Counseling

“Angela saved our marriage even when I thought it was impossible.”

Angela really helped out my marriage. Before coming here, I felt like my marriage had no hope. I didn’t think we could work anymore. We had no communication. We had no understanding of each other or patience. Every conversation we had was a disagreement.

Little by little being here, Angela gave me hope and made me see a light in my marriage. Gave us tools we can use at home that would work.

Angela really made us realize and see what was really important in this world, which is our family.

Now we communicate, coordinate everything and honestly, now it’s a lot easier to be there and understand each other.

Angela saved our marriage even when I thought it was impossible.


Angela has helped save and get my marriage back to what it once was. Before coming to see her, our marriage was near its end.

Angela has been a helpful and motivating person in our lives. She’s literally God sent.

Angela is very easy to talk to and helps provide a safe and comfortable space. The tools she provided helped us communicate and have a better understanding in our marriage.

After seeing her for a month, she has given us hope, motivation, patience and many other tools that we can continue using to keep our marriage full of love.

We thank you Angela for all of your help throughout this journey.