Tiana & Jose

Marriage Counseling

“By the end of our sessions we had our love back.”

Jose and I had been together for almost ten years. We had two boys, a four year old and a six month old. We no longer had a connection and I was tired of waiting on him for attention and affection.

I was literally getting ready to leave Jose and go back to live with my parents. I said to Jose, either we go to counseling or we will separate. He agreed and luckily I found Daphna.

We needed a lot of work and I was worried that marriage counseling wouldn’t work and also worried about what would happen once we didn’t come to see Daphna every week. I was scared, but by the end of our sessions we had our love back. We had changed the way we communicated. I was even surprised sometimes by the way Jose would answer me now because before we would snap at each other angrily. I have even seen a change in myself.

We made a complete 180-degree turn for the best. I will be forever grateful to have met Daphna and for her saving our relationship and family.

— Tiana & Jose