What Is The Root Cause Of Relationship Trouble?

What Is The Root Cause Of Relationship Trouble? - Daphna Levy - Life Coaching Masters

Relationship problems are nothing new. In the old days, families stayed together because they had to, to survive. Divorce was not an option, so couples put up with their issues and carried on unhappily to their dying day. 

But modern life presented new choices and freedoms, and so divorce became today’s “solution” for couples’ problems.

The question remains, “Why do so many people have relationship trouble?” The answer is today and has been for generations past, “no tools.” Couples lack the knowledge and skill of effective communication. 

They have never been taught how to listen to each other, how to understand one another, how to keep their passion alive and how to settle their differences. Marriage counseling or couples’ therapy can help.

I am a believer in face-to-face interaction. I believe that every person is unique, and my over thirty years of experience have taught me that every couple is also unique. In fact, no two couples receive the same exact tools from me to salvage their relationship. 

Each couple’s program is tailored and unique to them. And that is one of the secrets to my success and results.

I hope to hear from you, and hope I can help you find your “happily ever after” like I have with so many people like you.