What’s Important & How to Keep It

whats important and how to keep it - Daphna Levy - Life Coaching Masters

Your Loved Ones

The people in your life are what’s important. Your relationships are important. Being there for each other and helping one another is the only thing that counts.

Unfortunately, the current situation has impacted many relationships.

I have spoken to people who have been drinking too much and to couples who have been arguing and fighting constantly. According to some reports, domestic violence is on the rise. (The stay-at-home orders, while supposedly “killing the virus” are also killing families, the economy and the human spirit but… that’s another subject altogether.)

So what can you do? How can you improve your home life and relationships with your loved ones?

Helpful Tips

  • It helps to remember the goal of your relationship(s). The purpose of any relationship is to HELP one another. Helping each other do better in life is what makes your relationship(s) valuable.
  • Remember that unless you help one another, the relationship is useless. It may even be destructive. So you and your loved ones must work to bring value to each other’s life.
  • Do not focus on the negative, on your disagreements or people’s mistakes. Instead, stress the positive. Stress what they do right and the things you all agree on. If they help or try to (even if it didn’t come out right) compliment them for it. You will see that they start helping more and make fewer mistakes. Try it!

Let me know if you have found this helpful. I am very interested.

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