Working Yourself Out Of A Job

Working Yourself Out Of A Job - Daphna Levy - Life Coaching Masters

“You have worked yourself out of a job,” said my client, thinking I’d be upset at the loss of business.

That was my intention,” I replied. “In fact,” I reminded him, “I have now worked myself out of a job with you twice:

first we fixed your marriage [in six months and under twenty hours of Relationship Coaching] and

now we’ve handled your anxiety and depression [in less than five hours of Personal Coaching].

I am happy about it and can move on to the next person!”

I compare life coaching to raising children: you want your kids to grow out of needing you.

If they are as dependent on you in their adulthood as they were in their youth, you have failed as a parent!

I love my clients. When I work with dynamic, capable individuals like this person, results are fast and my work is very rewarding.