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Marriage Coach & Bestselling Author

Daphna Levy

Stop Fighting and Start Communicating

Become Friends and Lovers Again

Do You Need Marriage Counseling?

Arguments and fights tear relationships apart and can bring marriages to an end. Home life becomes unbearable and children are affected badly.

Have you ever wished you knew how to “fight correctly?”

There is no such thing! 

If you are fighting or arguing, you have long since passed the point of having good communication. Without effective communication, relationships fall apart.

Fortunately, there is hope.

Relationship Coaching

Save Your Relationship!

Relationships CAN be saved and families CAN be helped to stay together.

Our Marriage and Couple Coaching provide the tools you need to get along and communicate effectively, even about difficult subjects.

With good communication, understanding is possible.

Harmony and teamwork become natural.

And you regain the spark and love you once shared.

How is Marriage Coaching
Different from
Marriage Counseling or Couple Therapy?

Counseling and therapy focus on thoughts and feelings as well as past trauma.

Coaching focuses on the tools and skills you need to resolve the issues you have in your life and relationships.

For instance:

  • Have you ever felt unheard, ignored or misunderstood?
  • Have you ever had a simple conversation turn into a fight?
  • Have you ever begun a conversation with topic “A” just to find yourself jumping to “B,” “C” and “E” and going in circles?

Coaching shows you how to avoid such situations and gives you the tools you need to replace them with constructive communication that brings you closer.




Five-Star Reviews

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Daphna is a blessing from the sky and I would never choose anybody else for any type of life coaching. I thank God every day for helping us find her.
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Daphna will go above and beyond to help improve your situation. She will walk you towards success, towards love, and towards happiness.
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Daphna is a great listener and cares about her clients… Look no further - call her now.
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If you need someone to get you through something you’re having to go through in life, Daphna is the person to see.
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I can't recommend her enough because she is a true pro who knows what she is doing and talking about.
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Thank you for your wonderful work and helping me believe in myself.
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Daphna listened to both of us, and gave us "tools" to better communicate and to show our love.
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Daphna has been there for me regardless of my situation. She was relentless in helping me and I am grateful.
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Daphna has helped my husband and me with important relationship and life situations. Our relationship and lives are better because of working with her.
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My life has improved because of the help Daphna has given me and members of my family.

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