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“Daphna has been an angel for helping Joel and myself hold on to the love we have for each other and fight for our family.”
“Thank you for helping us be happy.”
“Daphna helped us improve our communication and slowly build trust again.”
“We wanted to have good communication and to feel that we cared and loved each other.”
“I really didn’t know if this would work for me and my wife. But I decided to do this and try to save my marriage.”
“Before going to Daphna, we had tried so many things. We tried resolving our own issues but things got worse. We tried therapy for years but never saw relief. We also talked to our pastors but that didn’t help either.”
“Daphna’s tools are easy to remember and easy to put into practice... Her advice and tools are life changing and have a permanent positive effect that we will hold for the rest of our lifetime.”
“After three years of separation, we are now back together with a stronger relationship and greater goals.”
“After our first week we started to see a difference and now we are so happy we came here, because we are in such a great place.”
“This life coaching really helped me open my heart to the person I love and now I can tell him and communicate the way I want.”
“Now we have a deeper understanding and connection than we ever had before.”
[Angela helped us] “restore stability and order to what had just a few months before been a seemingly hopeless situation.”
“We’ve learned to listen and not react. We are a better team now, striving for the all-stars.”
“I can really see the difference in our relationship.”
“My husband and I have become closer. Our communication has improved and we have become a team.”
“Learning to communicate in a way that we are both able to listen and respond has been life changing.”
“Our love has been restored and our communication is the best it has ever been.”
“I feel loved and happy. I always want to be around him and I miss him when he is gone.”
“We learned how to listen to each other instead of arguing.”
“We came in ready to give up on the marriage and get a divorce. Now we are able to communicate effectively”
“I was so ready to end my marriage!...Now I am the happiest in my marriage. Best decision I’ve ever made!”
“Our blended family has benefitted so much...We are beyond thankful for the insight Daphna gave us, the tools to use moving forward and for how comfortable she made us feel.”
“We were so close to splitting up: fighting all the time, bad communication and overall just a bad life. With Daphna’s help, we overcame all these obstacles and now our relationship is better than ever.”
“I realized we all need coaching.”
“Talking to someone who didn’t know us gave us an opportunity to listen to each other. It took a third person for us to listen and learn how to communicate.”
“Through life coaching, my husband and I were able to learn how to effectively communicate.”
“If Daphna did not have the training and experience to talk us through our problems, we wouldn’t be here today happy, planning marriage and a baby on the way.”
“We have grown so much closer including understanding, respecting and communicating with each other.”
“We now know the steps to becoming and staying the best team for each other and our family.”
“Now… I can also grow as a better father to my children.”
"We thought we were a lost cause until Daphna showed us how to better communicate."
“We were almost at the point of breaking up.” Now… “my wife and I are happier than ever.”
“Angela saved our marriage even when I thought it was impossible.”
“Daphna gave us the tools we needed to improve our communication and avoid the huge arguments we were frequently having.”
“She guided and helped us in setting our relationship goals.”
“My marriage is on the right path.”
“The love we thought we lost for one another has come back and better!”
“We have reconnected. I feel hope in our marriage and our life together.”
“I’m happier now in my marriage than ever!”
“Thanks to Daphna, we were able to use our strengths to continue to build a stronger marriage.”
“Thanks to her tools, we have managed to break the barriers that were splitting us.”
“She saved our marriage of 18 years.”
“Daphna helped us to come up with strategies to make each other a priority in our lives.”
“I was certain that even this wouldn’t help, but I was wrong.”
“Daphna Saved Our Relationship.”
“By the end of our sessions we had our love back.”
"Our communication is the best that it has ever been & we are happier than ever before."
"Back to Being Sweethearts"
“We were going to break up and split everything…”
"I feel the love that I first felt when I met my wife.”
"Daphna Gave Us The Tools We Needed to Work on our Problems as a Couple and as Individuals."
“We’re a happy couple now, and that helps my whole family!”
"Tell others with similar problems to seek coaching because it is a life changer."
“We have more of an ability to make each other happy and communicate what we need from each other.”
"I learned tools that not only help my marriage but my family and myself."
“Daphna saw in us goodness that we were not seeing in each other anymore.”
“Our relationship feels as one unit.”


"My spouse and I are strong again"
“After a few sessions…we started falling in love again.”
“Now we aren’t fighting like we are on trial for death row.”
“I am ready to face life with good or bad… This time I will be confident in knowing we will survive.”
“With communication & tools provided, we were able to overcome our issues and save our marriage!”
From Picking Wrong to the Altar and Beyond

Personal Help

“Angela saved my relationship with my wife. …"


“I am empowered to live my best life, no matter what others choose to do.”
“Daphna encouraged me in the things that brought me peace & joy. Since my husband chose divorce, the sky was the limit!”
“This program helped get my relationship and self back on the path towards happiness.”
“I have learned so much about myself through our sessions and I am more clear on who I am as well as the path I want to take than I’ve ever been before.”
“I find myself being able to get my old self back.”
“I now know how to deal with my problems in a healthy manner.”
“My Life Coach helped me to become accountable to my situation I was seeking healing with.”
“Since I put my new-found skills to work and applied them, I have been less stressed and way more productive!”
“The tools Angela has given me helped me grow into a better person.”
“My experience with Daphna was life changing.”
“I have learned to leave the past in the past and start living for the present and future.”
“When I first got here I felt depressed, useless and had low self-esteem.”
“I am happier than I have ever been in my life.”
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