Couples Coaching

“Our relationship feels as one unit.”

Going into gCouples Coachin, I never really thought it would work for me. My pride was keeping me from accepting that our marriage needed professional help.

Daphna not only helped our marriage feel like we once did when my wife and I first started dating, but she made our relationship feel as one unit; that we (our marriage) is stronger working together to achieve the dream of growing old together.

My wife and I have settled our differences thanks to Daphna’s coaching, and we are both ready to take life by the horns together. – Adrian

Many people are skeptical when the thought of marriage advice comes around; for example my husband’s concern was, it is a waste of money; “What will the guys think?” My most heart-felt thought is: Do it! Your marriage is worth it.

Daphna has been such a caring and helpful Marriage Coach. I could not get my husband to understand me, as well as he could not make me understand his feelings. But Daphna was able to communicate in a way that we both were able to understand each other.

My husband and I are happily married and can tell you she is amazing and was even able to motivate us in our own business goals as well. Thank you so much for your help!

– Gabriela

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