David & Brittany

Life Coaching

“The love we thought we lost for one another has come back and better!”

Daphna’s life coaching helped our relationship in many ways: how to understand each other, how to look past our problems and look forward to what we want from each other.

Daphna gave us new ways to look at our problems and now we can work together and not brush it off. These new strategies benefit us by not letting one of us deal with our issues alone but a s a team. She showed us that we can work through our problems that were once making us fall apart.

Now we look forward to improving our life together, our careers and our minds.


Daphna’s life coaching has been great for our relationship! When we came to her I was ready to be done with our relationship. I wasn’t sure how else to fix us anymore.

The next six weeks really helped us understand one another. The love we thought we lost for one another has come back and better!

We were both lost and felt really stuck into our own lives for a while, which impacted our relationship. Daphna gave us the tools/strategies to use in our lives that completely changed everything for the better.

I look forward to taking our relationship even further, to see both of us evolve and love one another.

Thank you so much, Daphna. We appreciate you!