Phil & Elizabeth


Marriage Counseling

“We were almost at the point of breaking up.”

Now… “my wife and I are happier than ever.”

Daphna is an amazing, knowledgeable and insightful Life Coach. My wife and I have known her for years but recently reached out to her for some relationship coaching.

We were going through a rough patch, one that I felt may be pretty unique and difficult, but Daphna listened to our issues and was able to provide quick and effective coaching on the core issues we were facing and helped us look through them without taking sides.

In less than ten sessions, my wife and I are happier than ever with a new found respect and understanding of each other’s needs and expectations.

I highly recommend Daphna to anyone looking for a life/relationship coach who sincerely cares and has the experience and knowledge to create positive results.


Daphna is a super talented life coach with countless years of experience. My husband and I came to see her because we had some issues in our marriage that we were not able to resolve on our own. We were almost at the point of breaking up.

Through just a few sessions of marriage coaching, Daphna was able to get us back on the same path. She uses really cute “toys” and simple sketches to help us understand concepts that are simple, yet life changing.

In our final sessions, we couldn’t even come up with any issues to complain to her about. Thank you, Daphna!

We highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!